Lexus’ Stunning Coupe: A Look at the Almost ‘untouchable’ Design Thing

In today’s automotive world, it is relatively easy to build (churn out) vehicles that are quiet, perform well and are reliable. All automakers are achieving it as such comes down to good engineering, precision parts, automation, quality control, etc.

However, ‘breaking new ground’ with ‘future’ vehicle design and styling is highly challenging to say the least. Why, because the appearance of a vehicle involves reactions, emotions, transference, etc, etc.

Today, all automakers are going for ‘the look’ like never before. They are all basically on a level playing field and thus can do more styling than ever before. And consider if a vehicle looks great, its performance needs to match its looks. The two need to be in sync or at the same level because consumers are asking and seeking an answer to – is this vehicle the real deal in regarding its performance as well as its look? If one aspect (performance or look) is higher or lower than the other, the vehicle is judged a pretender.

As a slight road detour, consider the new 2012 Porsche 911 (991). It has new styling, but major visual connections to the basic 911 shape that dates back about 45 years. Why? It is flat out risky to make major changes to the 911’s looks as Porsche has much to lose. I’m glad I just write about them (I really love it!).

So, let’s take a look at the almost untouchable ‘design’ thing and the Lexus FL-LC Concept!

It has been reported that Lexus (the upper division of Toyota) is focusing in a big way on its future vehicles’ styling and connection with the driver. In other words, the automakers’ vehicles will evoke driving passion. And one future Lexus that will get driving enthusiasts revved up is the Lexus LF-LC Concept. Lexus plans to infuse all its future vehicles with visual aspects of the FL-CL.

Lexus understand that to be out in front of the others, design (engineering and mechanical performance is a given) is where it is all going.

So what does the Lexus LF-LC have to offer?

It is a 2+2 hybrid coupe. Its designers reportedly used a leaf (nature) as a starting point and then added many further details. Why would humans respond to this? Because we have been connected to nature for a long long time!

On the outside the LF-LC Concept is low and sleek. Its windshield is raked to the point of almost being a bubble form. The hood includes two sharp cut lines that go right to the grille. The hood is long and smooth with a downward taper at the front. The headlights are long slits integrated into the top of the fenders. Furthermore, the grille begins several inches up where the hood would normally be. It changes direction and then extends to near the bottom of the car. The grille has chrome at its edge and black carbon fiber in the middle. The Lexus logo is well contrasted and it sits up top just before the grille’s edge changes direction and moves downward.

From the side the LF-LC Concept has large wheel wells filled out by large (likely 20 or 21 inch) low profile tires. A large air scoop is located just behind the door. The mirrors and upper glass are highly modern and sophisticated (what do I mean by modern and sophisticated? Be sure to view the slideshow to see if you agree. Remember to put on your sunglasses first!).

At the rear the LF-LC is stunning as it has a large glass roof. The glass extends from the front hood all the way back to the trunk. The rear taillights are space age units. They involve complex inner shapes (within the light itself) that are integrated above the bumper but with pointers that extend well into the rear fenders as well as down at the corners. The top of the trunk has a spoiler lip and stacked quad exhausts complete this supercar’s look.

Overall, the LF-LC has somewhat of a Ferrari look combined with a space age appearance. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least my description of the car!).

The interior of the Lexus LF-LC includes highly sculpted front and rear seats covered in leather. The seats are highly comfortable and supportive. The steering wheel is race inspired and includes many fingertip controls. The gauges are highly futuristic and provide digital information. They include an analog tachometer and transparent light emitting diodes. Additionally, there are two 12.3 inch LCD touchtone screens that provide information to the maximum. The car’s center console is elevated much like the current Porsche Panamers’s piece. The LF-LC’s centerpiece goes from the front to the back seat and it is home to multiple controls.

Overall, the LF-LC’s interior has an airy open feel but wraps the driver and passengers with rich materials and information at one’s fingertips.

And what are the mechanical aspects of the Lexus FL-LC? They have not been released yet, however, we know that they will be top notch (able to match the look of the car).

Will Lexus bring the FL-LC Coupe to production? Well, if they do not, another automaker will. At this stage of the automotive game there is no playing around. Thus, in my opinion that it is basically a done deal!

Wow, I think this article has indeed broken some new automotive ground!

Visit the slideshow to see the Lexus FL-LC Coupe inside and out!

Kyle Busch is the author of “Drive the Best for the Price: How to Buy a Used Automobile, Sport-Utility Vehicle, or Minivan and Save Money.” He welcomes your comments or car questions at his newly redesigned auto web site at: or Follow Kyle on Facebook and Twitter.

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