When teardrops fall from my heart like rain falling from the sky,
Over and over again, I often find myself wondering why.
Why? Is there an answer that is known to all but me?
Have I missed something that others can plainly see?
Or, like nature, is misery a mystery unanswerable by anyone,
Like life, one day storms among seasons in the sun?

Perhaps I am selfish for wanting a bed of roses without thorns.
Why should I be happy while the rest of the world mourns
Lost loves, hopes, and dreams, falling victim to endless schemes,
Only to replace the pain with gain – an ongoing cycle, it seems.
Fall and winter followed by summer, then comes the spring,
Each never knowing what the next season will bring.

Seemingly, sometimes I expect more than what each day bestows,
With matters of the heart often leaving each emotion exposed.
Existing can bring such delight, but creation, at times, can be cruel!
Could it really be, I have found answers to an enquiry of a fool?
What I seek cannot be found by those who ponder night from day.
Heartache and happiness like sun and rain, its just life’s way.

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