Life’s Unpredictability

Around and around we go
where we’ll stop
fate only knows
the days go by faster and faster
the world spinning out of control
mind over matter
going in and out of the truth
wishing for your youth
wandering in hurried steps
through the winding path of the labyrinth
hearing the sounds of the night
tearing at the very threads of life
seeing the most beautiful sight
hoping yet knowing it’s not quite right
hearing people whine and whimper
dreaming of a life much simpler
buying their time
waiting at the end of the line
crying in despair
wanting there children to be spared
rich and poor knocking at your door
their tales just more lies
sitting on the edge of your bed
with head in hands wishing for the end
quitting though you could still make the train
trying to get away from the pain
looking for a reason to stay
peering to find a way through the shame
jumping from a cliff trying to fly
like a bird soaring high
moving on down the row
looking for a place to go
living in a rat race
trying to set the right pace
love and hate slowly stirred
the trust no longer sure
innocence so pure
ruined with every year
fears hidden deep inside
only wishing you hadn’t cried
death by a silver spoon
echoes from the full moon
seeing people fight for what’s right
saving only the things they like
spring goes down to summer in just a short time
everything can stop on a dime.

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