Lifetime Movie Review: Proof of Lies

Dr. Christine Hartley is a research scientist who is working on a project that can eliminate addiction tendencies in the genes. If she succeeds, Christine will become rich and famous. Christine is also pregnant. The woman should be on cloud nine, but her husband, Chuck, is causing her grief. Chuck Hartley is jealous of his wife’s success and frustrated by his own business failures. The stress is making Chuck more aggressive with his friends and wife. Plus, Christine suspects that he is cheating on her.

If things couldn’t get any worse in her personal life, Christine starts hemorrhaging. After her DNC, Christine is devastated and begs her husband to stay with her for a while in the hospital, but Chuck refuses. He claimed he had to go to a very important business meeting. Oh, and Chuck is very selfish and self-involved lawyer. Being the strong woman that she is, Christine returned to work after one week.

Christine and Chuck’s old college dropout buddy, Sam Buckner, tries to take the strain off their marriage by inviting them up to his cabin for a few days. However, Chuck had to leave temporarily because he was called in for a business meeting. Sam and Christine hang out together at the cabin then they went mountain biking. Christine falls, but doesn’t sustain any serious injuries. While cleaning up her cut, Sam and Christine kiss. However, Christine backs him away and says that she is married and she wants to make it work.

Christine rushes home to Chuck who is making a sandwich. Desperate to put her marriage back together, Christine makes love to him, but something is not right.

The next day Christine holds a press conference to discuss her addiction genes theory. One of her co-workers confronts Christine about his concerns of her future legacy. The trust that holds Christine’s money from her discovery and the research itself will be in Chuck’s complete control in the event of her death. This means when Christine dies Chuck could decide to not turn the money over to charity, which is what Christine intended to do all along dead or alive. Chuck could keep the money and research for himself. However, Christine is not concerned about this possibility at all.

While working late at the lab, a man broke in to riffle through the drug supplies. Christine walks in on him and he pulls out a knife. She pulls the fire alarm to get help on the floor. A guard runs in, but the knife man pushes him down and gets away.

The next morning while walking into work, Christine finds the man’s ski mask in the bushes. She picks it up with her pen and takes it to the lab. She finds a single hair and places it in a vile. After packing up the rest of the evidence, she leaves to meet Sam to pick up her sunglasses that she left in his car. Christine tells Sam about the break-in and finding the ski mask. Sam asked why she didn’t call the police. Christine admits that she is afraid that it was Chuck and she won’t call the cops until she has more proof.

Christine takes hair from Chuck’s brush. She runs to the lab and runs a STR. The hairs found at the crime scene and from Chuck’s brush is a genetic match. However, the evidence seems too convenient. Is Chuck being setup?

This is a pretty good Lifetime movie, but I’ve seen better to be honest. The story itself is a good concept, but for some reason the movie falls a little flat. It is hard to really care about what happens to the characters. The actors seem a little stiff. Yes, this is a serious movie, but it can’t be too wooden down or the audience will lose interest. “Proof of Lies” is worth looking at, but it is not Lifetime’s best – 3 out of 5 stars.

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