Limitations on Food Purchases with Food Stamps

COMMENTARY | There are a substantial amount of individuals that have to use food stamps in order to support themselves and their families. Many of them have found themselves complaining about whether or not the finances they receive is enough to support their loved ones.There are complaints on whether or not the amount of money for each person is actually enough to be able to support themselves. Food stamps were initially implemented because there was an increasing amount of people who were lacking essential nutrients and vitamins.

Government officials and lawmakers want to restrict the types of food items that people are allowed to purchase with their food stamps for all the wrong and right reasons. They are concerned with whether or not their taxpayers should have to continue paying taxes for certain food stamp purchases. There are many other ways to fight the growing causes of obesity but the government should start with reducing the amount that they can receive. Food stamp recipients want to be able to live their lives like typical Americans where they can enjoy they little things in life.

There is a minor flaw in restricting the types of food that individuals get is that people will feel that their rights to purchase whatever they want is a limitation of their rights. People want to be able to get all the necessary food items that they need for their family alongside the less healthier foods. Individuals want to be able to relax every once in a while and splurge on such items like ice cream, candy, chips, and cake. As delicious as soda and candy is to a substantial amount of people, there are other healthy alternatives that equal the costs of purchasing soda.

Legislation wants to restrict the items that food stamp recipients can purchase. Are their intentions out of the pure compassion towards the recipients health? Yes, legislation is worried about the taxpayers having to front the bill for sweets and fatty foods that individuals not on food stamps have the luxury to obtain. But, it is necessary to limit the purchases of food stamp recipients. If society does not start here to eradicate obesity, the situation will just continue to grow.

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