Lindsay Lohan in Custody – Can the Star Recover Her Reputation?

The perpetually troubled Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody after a judge revoked her probation, according to the Associated Press. The actress posted bail. The judge found that the “Mean Girls” star failed to complete her community service, and has set a hearing for November that will decide if the 25-year-old actress should go to jail.

Can Lindsay ever repair her reputation and her career?

Stay sober. If she wants to take back her life and her career, the first thing the young star needs to work on is her sobriety. She’s already been convicted for drunk driving and she’s been to rehab. She recently threw a drink at a photographer in New York during Fashion Week. Instead of partying so hard, she needs to keep working on staying clean and focused in order to move forward.

Stay out of trouble. Even when she’s sober, the “Parent Trap” star tends to get into trouble. She was accused of stealing from a jewelry store in Los Angeles. She shows up to premieres looking haggard, with messed-up, yellow teeth, pictured here. The photos of the troubled star’s teeth sparked a whole new debate about her sobriety, with the media speculating that years of smoking, doing drugs and drinking are starting to take a toll on the starlet’s body, according to Us. If she gets to remain free after her probation hearing, she should just lay low for a little while – maybe go meditate for a few months and stay out of the public eye.

Go above and beyond. The judge chastised the young star for failing to complete her community service. If given another chance, she should just swallow her pride and complete the necessary hours – if she just wants to stay out of jail. But if she wants to prove to Hollywood and the court system that she is truly a changed woman, the “Freaky Friday” star needs to do more community service than is required. Socialite Paris Hilton impressed a judge by doing more community service than was ordered as part of her probation relating to a cocaine possession case, according to the New York Post. The case was closed.

Make friends. In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know, and when you’re in trouble, having the right friends can be a lifesaver. Just ask Mel Gibson. Recently, “Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr. urged Hollywood to forgive the “Mad Max” actor for all his past offenses, including domestic abuse and anti-Semitic ranting, according to Access Hollywood. The “Sherlock Holmes” star said that Mel once gave him work during a rough patch and now Mel deserves a second chance because we all make mistakes. Lindsay should work on being nice and making some famous friends – you never know who’s going to come to your rescue.

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