Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

Hoping once more for the mercy of Judge Stephanie Sautner, Lindsay Lohan arrived in court this morning (November 2) to admit to the violation of her terms of probation.

The troubled actress was forced to appear after her probation was revoked due to the fact that she was kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center – where she failed to appear for multiple scheduled community service sessions.

Lohan conceded fault and waived her right to a hearing while her lawyer Shawn Holley explained why Sautner should go easy on Lohan.

However, the judge elected to give Lindsay the “structure” she needs and reinstated her probation at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

Additionally, Sautner sentenced LiLo to 30 days in the Los Angeles County Jail and ordered her to report for incarceration by November 9th. She will not be eligible for early release or house arrest.

The judge also ordered Lohan to continue undergoing counseling sessions and mandated that she report back to court in December, January, February and March.

Since her sentence was handed down, TMZ has reported that Lindsay will likely only serve six of the ordered 30 days due to California’s jail overcrowding problem.

Judge Sautner also mandated that the “Georgia Rule” actress get a new probation officer, one described as “no nonsense” by the Judge. This new officer is ordered to report any violations directly to the court. If Lohan fails to comply with the new sentence, Sautner said she would immediately send the actress to jail for the remaining 270 days.

Following her stint in the slammer, LiLo will also have to complete a series of requirements adding up to 53 days at the morgue and 16 therapy sessions by March 29th, 2012 to avoid additional jail time.

“The sentence I’m going to impose is known in our circles as putting the keys to the jail in the defendant’s hands,” the judge said.

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