Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Revoked

After skipping out on nine scheduled community service appointments at the Downtown Women’s Center, Lindsey Lohan faced Judge Stephanie Sautner today in court. Not only did she not show up for the court mandated community service, she only stayed an hour for the one she did show up for.

Judge Sautner revoked Lindsay’s probation. Immediately, the sheriff’s department placed Lindsay in handcuffs and escorted her back to jail. Bailbondsman are currently working to bail her out. Lindsay will more than likely be released within the next 8 hours.

Lindsay is required back in court November 2nd, for the probation hearing. The judge advised if she wishes to mitigate her damages, she must work in the morgue eight hours a day, two days a week until 11/02.

Additional details to follow….

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