Live and Let Die

“In this ever changing world in which we all live in isn’t it a shame” [an excerpt from Paul McCartney’s title song for the James Bond movie} Well, the shame now is that people all over the world still can’t fine a way to co-exist. All too often the instincts and emotions of man override those conscious thoughts and efforts to maintain virtue and righteous moral behavior. It is these instincts that have caused horrendous events all through-out history. The emotions from which greed and jealously emerge breed hate and contempt which erupt into torrents of rage that engulfs man and nature. It is this torrent of rage why all wars are fought. History is full of individuals whose actions predetermine the destines of others. Today, millions whose destines are all ready shaped by such actions by only a few precludes any action carried out by those masses whose destinies are already foretold.

The thought of living today or in any period in history whose destiny is already foretold, most would say how could that be? We all come into this world through the grace of God. We are endowed by our creator with the innate ability to chose, to make decisions, and to learn what is right or what is wrong. Our moral fiber as human beings begins at birth. It is the lack of that moral fiber of certain individuals that continue to evoke irreparable carnage in our world today. The leaders in Syria and Iran today continue to have their populations languish in a perpetual state of misery. It was just this past year that torrents of rage of suppressed populations caused the demise of certain leaders of nations. When leaders who carry out moral indignation upon others and whose own selfish acts further display arrogance over suppressed populations set the stage for violent overthrow. This was the result of this past years Arab Spring.

Look at what is happening today in the Mid-East. For thousands of years tribal factions have continued to exert force in their ever unquenching thirst for power and control over others. Now the Sunni tribal factions in Iraq are already clashing over territorial rights against the Shiite’s. The volatilablity of the whole Mid-East is underscored by generational conflicts. The Sunni’s and the Shiit’s are the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s that continue their violent bitter feud. This whole region is sitting on a powderkeg of tension where at any time could ignite a world war. With the leaders of Afghanistan and Iran now poised to make concessions with al-Qaida and the Talaban, the newly appointed ruler in North Korea, along with the genuine lack of real authentic support for the United Nations by China, and Russia have pitted the United States, what many perceive as, against the Muslim nations of the world. And, the carnage continues.

The world is missing a common denominator. A common goal where leaders of nations as well as governing bodies evoke a unity of purpose behind every action taken. A bond shared by all for the greater good of all humanity. Alas, so elusive is this common denominator. When the world faces ever increasing deterioration in values we all hold dear, [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] where we here in the United States have lost so much in the way of individual rights while most of the rest of the world has yet to establish certain individual rights, and where the family unit is so splintered [the most vibrant and most essential part of communities everywhere] ceases to exist all are catalysts for the human suffering that is transpiring all around the world. And, the carnage continues.

Not since Hitler’s rise to power has the world been faced with such uncertainty. All compounded by the inevitability that certain individuals have plotted the course for the destinies of man. Meanwhile we, the hapless masses are continually swept into that torrent of rage where despair, deprivation, and disillusionment are now mankind’s bedfellows. A world with-out a common denominator remains so elusive in the minds of man. But, there is hope for mankind. The hope for all mankind lies with realizing that the common bond we all share is humanity itself. Our common bond realized is mans humanity to man. For with-out all of mankind realizing that our common denominator is humanity itself the sanctity of life which is the most precious of all gifts by our creator will be extinguished by man’s own intuitive instinct for self gratification.

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