Living Healthier Everyday

Each of us can make sacrifices to live healthier lives every day. There are numerous benefits to living a healthy life such as more energy, less illnesses, better immune system and a happier life. Healthyr people are also happier. Our relationship with others also determines our health and happiness too. Here are some suggestions for living a spiritual and healthy life.

1. Create a grateful journal. Every day write at least two things that you are grateful to god for giving you. It can be your personal journal where you can write down your reflections and thoughts.

2. Get rid of toxic relationships. There are some people and relatives that just dull our happiness. They spend their entire lives criticizing, condemning us on a daily basis. Spend time with others that celebrate your uniqueness and strengths.

3. Do something that makes you happy every day. This can be cooking, painting, aerobics, reading a book or learning a new language. This not only makes us happy but improves our brain function.

4. Learn to forgive people. Carry other individuals burdens make us miserable than others. Just imagine you have an invisible garbage can near that you can place your hurts and sorrows in.

5. Avoid fast food and substitute healthy alternatives. Eating healthy foods gives us more strength and allows us to enjoy life better.

6. Be kind to others. Kindness releases serotonin that makes us feel happy. Also, your kindness will always be repaid to you not by the same person.

7. Exercise 2-3 times a day. You do not need to buy a treadmill; you can jog around the block or brisk walking by yourself or by others.

8. Gardening can be therapeutic. This is one way of overcoming depression. By tending your garden you reap benefits such as vegetables or beautiful flowers. You can even share your surplus with others. Remember we are all gods’ flowers in one big garden.

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