Loas Primaverales

A nuestro Dios


con suave voz

y firme fe.

A causa de El

contento voy;

su nombre fiel

recuerdo hoy.

Pues todo lo

que hoy se ve…

Jehová habló,

y hecha fue

la estación


con atracción

y sin igual.

Cuando el verdor

se destiñó

y cada flor

se marchitó,

Jehová mandó

su bendición.

Se renovó

su creación.

Se oscureció

el mundo ayer.

Nos agobió

su anochecer.

Mas Dios mató

la oscuridad.

Su luz brilló

con majestad.

¡Cantad, cantad

al Creador,

y ensalzad

al Redentor,

y siempre al


con fe leal

prestad loor!

A rough English translation:

verse 1: I shall praise our God with a soft voice and a firm faith. Because of Him I go happy. I remember His faithful name today.

verse 2: For everything that is seen today — Jehovah spoke and the spring season was made with attractiveness and without equal.

verse 3: When the greenness faded and every flower withered, Jehovah gave His blessing. His creation was renewed.

verse 4: The world became dark yesterday. The onset of night weighed us down, but God killed the darkness. His light gleamed with majesty.

verse 5: Sing! Sing to the Creator and exalt the Redeemer and always give praise to the Comforter!

I shall attempt to give the music using Do, Re, Mi. (Do is the same as Ut and Ti is the same as Si, if you use systems current in Europe.)

Do Fa Mi Re

Re Sol Fa Mi

Mi Re Do Fa

Mi Re Ti Do

Sol Sol Mi Fa

Fa Fa Re Mi

Mi Mi Do Re

Re Re Ti Do

The time signature is 4/4. The music begins with an upbeat. Note that each line of the hymn contains four notes. The first note of each line is an eighth note and the last note is a three-eighth note. The two middle notes of each line are quarter notes.

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