Local Focus: Native Americans, Showing Strength and Support

Oklahoma once the largest Native American reservation literally means Red Man. Citizens here have known this, understanding there are many societies existing within our borders. The local governments having to work closely with all others has its complications but it also has given growth for us to enjoy. Do any of us really realize the strength and support our native population has on these communities? The presents of other cultures brings about the diversity of issues and concerns, clearly putting forward the need to have differences addressed. Native Americans communities extend throughout the U.S. Western States, displaying this strength and unity against the influences of the Eastern States who rejected those influences years ago. Functional strength to forge the Western States to oppose the single minded concepts and politics from the Eastern states, a diversity of politics still existing.

This month is Native American Heritage Month, a time to remember the heritage of people who use to live from one ocean to the other. But this is no more, since the Trail of Tears; Oklahoma has become the most concentrated area for this population to exist within the U.S. The benefit of integration and interconnecting the native and settler society has always been a challenge, one reaching out far into business and other organizations around the state. This relationship should exist in both directions, but even with all the considerations given by both sides conflicts still exist to be solved.

Per the treaties, the Native American lands are considered federal domain, therefore any matters involving them have to breach this one hurdle first. Concerns or interest are worked through with this concept in mind, adding another layer to all the activities that must be detailed out. These complications slow things but never end the relationships so long as both sides are willing to accept working together rather than just attacking out of spite. The willingness to work with diverse cultures is one gift the Natives have given the U.S.

This trait has always existed with the Natives shown by the willingness to build new resources upon those already present. Their only concern has been what would happen to the present or past resources everyone enjoyed and still needed. In their culture, one need not build a future resource while destroying the present resources to do so. To exchange one for the other was never a good thing, as those past resources were in just a much need as every. Concern for such resources is something many today are just starting to learn, but to this culture it was learned and presented from lessons so far in the past. An ingrain memory placed on this culture to remind all not to destroy what exist for the sake of nothing but a dream without form or substance.

The Native culture of America was at one time filled with such understanding of the natural world that few were in need. Today, even with all the high technology and laws our society has, we can not say the same exist. The wasted resources and political bargaining involved in deciding things has only resulted in more waste. The end results are not ones anyone is proud of, the changes needed are never quite addressed. The facts state clearly, those who show our ancestors trust and kindness in times of need are not gaining such in return. Their needs and trust are still being ignored by those in the Eastern states and federal authorities.

This month we should all remember those who came before us, our personal heritages. But we must also remember the Natives who were here first; they provided support for the first European settlers. Over the years the advance technology and shear numbers coming from Europe overwhelmed the same actions of kindness and sheltering. The very nature shown in our past is one we can not continue or allow to go on, the American society has already been split to many times. This month we all need to see to ways and means to undo those divisions and realize the strength of diverse minds all focused on building resources. It was only with this realization of unity that the U.S. was able to build all these years, to survive the Great Depression and will be the one way to build a future. To the Native Americans then who have shown us diversity and strength can be the same and all the more they can show if we open our minds.

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