Long-Term Care for the Elderly – Who Foots the Bill?

An elderly relative requiring full-time care is a difficult situation for families to deal with. On top of the emotional strain of seeing a loved one’s health declining, families can find themselves facing the issue of how to pay for long-term care fees. Without understanding how the care fee system works, it can be extremely confusing and the wrong funding decisions can be reached. Only by understanding fully how the process should be carried out correctly can families ensure that it is carried out correctly.

Essentially, there are 2 types of long-term care: nursing care which is primarily for health needs, and care which is primarily for social needs. Long-term health care, the former, is funded by the NHS, not means-tested. Long-term social care comes under the Local Authority, and is means-tested. This distinction is at the centre of understanding where you or your relative stand regarding funding.

Care To Be Different was set up by Angela Sherman to raise awareness of the funding process for long-term elder care. Both Angela’s parents were in ongoing care and she fought long and hard to challenge the funding decisions which were made regarding their care. Angela won full NHS funding in both cases, so she is uniquely placed to provide advice and support to families or individuals in a similar situation.

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