Longboarding in the Spring

As a resident of a four-season state, spring presents the beginning of a new phase in outdoor recreation for me. I am truly addicted to adrenaline and as soon as the snow concedes its dominance of the pavement, I am ready to begin my three-month binge. The vital instrument needed to attain the physical transcendence of fear and monotony is my long board. One might think that this vice is a simple one to bear; yet those who are in love with the sport systematically calculate many preparations unforeseen to most.

The first thing a longboarder should do to usher in a successful spring season is to buy a new piece of gear. It is true that a completely brand new set up is costly, yet one can buy simply new bearings or other performance-enhancing gear if he or she is on a budget. The primary benefit of buying new equipment just before spring is motivation. When I have a brand new board sitting in my room, waiting for the snow to melt may seem like torture, yet the pain of waiting is surely outweighed by the thrill of the first spring run. If you are unlike me however, in that you do not wear your gear out each year, be sure to christen the spring season with your favorite board that always comes through for you.

Secondarily, one must arrange for cohorts to assist in the facilitation of travel. Having at least three people to skate with is ideal. Also, if one of the three has a van or truck, all will reap the benefits. The philosophy behind a “gang of three” is purely strategic. One person follows the other two down the road as they descend; this will clear at least one side of the road of all other threats in traffic while allowing all to return to the top of the run upon with ease. When skill-level merits, one rider can even film the other in order to improve technique or simply experiment with that particular avenue of the sport.

Luckily in this day and age it is very easy to safely participate in longboarding or other extreme sports. Remember safety should be your first priority and proper protection should always be worn. Also do not ride in streets that are busy or too steep for your skill level. The final and perhaps most crucial step in this equation is to make a solid playlist to be the soundtrack of the new season! Music is inspiring and may give you a little boost of motivation to tackle your next big challenge.

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