Longing for Light

A thieving creature in pursuit of a light
Glares into the eyes of a devious sun
Sulking on an abandoned earth
Looming shadows he will shun
Structures ominously darken skies
Menacing towers that surround
Flames brighten his sunken eyes
When buildings crumble to the ground
But this creature is captive in the night
Mocked by a cowardly moon

His aching bones throb as he ascends
A mountainous tower in the sky
By the wind he is thrown from steps of stone
But natures will he can defy
The treasure of its golden aura
Gracing his body each day
Is the strength now that saves him from fate
Clinging desperately to a ledge his climb resumes
Upon reaching its peak though, he is too late
Once more taunted by a full moon

At the end of his wits, he patiently waits
As the night stretches on in its bleakness
Falling ill from the chill as icy rain drifts
The defeated creature submits to weakness
The moon lingers, ever cruel, darting between clouds
Bringing hopeless doubts as shadows dance about
The tortured being struggles to survive
Lying still, he spots a light, has the sun come out?
Paralyzed where he died, back in hell he still sees
The laughter of a devilish moon

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