Look in the Sky!

“What was that?!” “It’s a plane! No wait it’s a saucer type thing! UFO!” These were some of the things that were heard only hours before the complete annihilation of the planet Earth and the extinction of the human race.

This UFO was quickly identified when thousands more swarmed the land all around the planet. This particular UFO landed directly in front of this excited and frightened crowd of people, its tentacle-like legs touching the soft soil of Earth. All in awe as a 15 foot-long plank extended from the saucer, nobody in the crowd moved or said anything, the only sound heard was a small, infant child crying in the background, it’s mother trying to hush it for fear whatever was in the saucer might take her baby. As it turned out, they had a much greater plan for the pathetic human race that inhabited this planet and nearly exhausted all its natural resources. They planned to destroy the human race completely and use what was left of the planets resources.

A strange, suited figure emerged from the saucer. It was an extraordinarily tall figure, more than 7 feet tall and suited in some sort of advanced space suit from alien head to alien foot. The figure spoke. “Human’s, you are not welcome on this planet anymore, for your time has been cut short due to your lack of attention towards the resources of the planet Earth! Now, we begin our extermination!” And so they did. Millions of strange, space-suited figures around the planet began they’re takeover, which was easier than crushing ants due to their extremely advanced technology in comparison to us human’s pathetic nuclear warheads.

The suited alien pulled out his gun. However, this was no ordinary gun. It was some kind of laser gun, something straight out of the comic books! Except this gun had one intention and that was to disintegrate any human its bullets hit. The alien pointed his gun at the woman with the crying baby, aimed carefully, wrapped his long snake like and suited finger around the human shaped trigger, and squeezed. The crowd dispersed in panic as one by one they were exterminated, leaving just a small pile of disintegrated human behind.

In just a matter of hours the entire human population was wiped out and turned to smoking piles of rubble. The aliens had won.

Game Over

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