Losing Weight is Easy

Want to lose weight? Think before you eat! This careless eating is what is making many of us over-weight and unhealthy. I do not mean “stop eating” but think before you eat. Plan your splurges. When you see that plate of cookies, doughnuts, samples in grocery stores just say NO! During the holidays this is a major problem. There is food everywhere. Give yourself two splurges a week and plan them out. Be sure it is something you really love.

Keep your home sugar free and fat free. Sound difficult? It is not at all. If your house is lacking in sugary drinks, potato chips or chocolate chip cookies you will more than likely forego your craving. It is far too much work to go to the store. Sugar is addictive. Have it one day and you want it the next day. When your house has healthy snacks such as cut up veggies with low fat dip, fruit cut up and raw nuts, you will reach for them. Another thing is when these snacks are ready to eat you will be more likely to help yourself. Unfortunately as we get older the pounds graciously attack our waists, thighs and other unwanted places. The metabolism slows down even with planned exercise. Your weapon is to make wise choices when you are able.

When going into a restaurant decide whether or not it is a splurge night. How does the bread look? Is it just average? Is it crusty and hot? Is it worth the calories? This may seem like a lot of work, but your choices at these times will help keep your trim and healthy.

Baking is another downfall. Unless you love the activity and can avoid tasting (generously) avoid it!! Actually as good as pastries are we do not need them for good health.

Food is fuel for life and energy. Think of that whenever you are tempted to indulge in something with a million calories.

My rules to live by:

1. Eat only what you love

2. Eat only when you are hungry

3. Stop before you are full

4. Never random eat

5. Plan your splurges ahead

Follow these simple rules and your energy and your body will thank you.

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