Lost Girl

If I close my eyes
Will this all just go away?
If I say I’ll be better
Will you tell me you’ll stay?

If I change myself
Will you love me some more?
If I show you I’m perfect
Will you see I’m worth staying for?

I’m no angel
But I have yet to grow my horns
I’m not as soft as I once was
But I’ve been pricked by some thorns

The illusion of love
Once clouded my mind
But I was left hanging by a thread
Picking up all the pieces of my heart I could find

The revolving door of love
Deciding when to let me in
Has seemed to shut me out for good
What once was has now been

I feel lost on a highway
Worn, weary and scared
How ashamed you feel
When you realize no one really cared

You were never a priority
Just an option to the world
So keep on weeping
You sad, silly girl.

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