It was a dream that started when he was very young, it was a puzzling dream that made very little sense. Its possibly might have been something off a science fiction movie viewed when he was very young and extremely vulnerable. This haunting dream followed him through out his life. It was some type of device composed of three clear plastic or glass cylinders; each of the cylinders had a light gauge wire wrap around the outer portion of the cylinders. Down the very center of each was a metal shaft with screw treads as if were some type of adjustment. Each cylinder pointed in the same direction as if to an imaginary spot or target about sixteen feet away. It was the latter part of the sixties and he realized that this device would be impossible to build because hardly any of the material or technology excised. The dreams continued night after night, and during his awaken hours he would spend time wondering why the dream continued and what was it all about,

In the latter part of the year 2011 that is when he decide to make the dream come true. It would prove to be an extremely expensive, and difficult to build but this thing, this dream would finally be out of his head. The next few days were spent drawing sketches of the cylinders, he some how realized that the dimensions of the cylinders were one meter and seven hundred centimeters in length. The shaft had to be thirty-five centimeters in diameter. The threaded shaft down the center was eleven centimeters in diameter. The next phase was to find a company that could build these shafts of plastics, within a few week estimates arrived and the cost was way beyond his means. He was able to secure a second mortgage on his home at the corner of Grand and School and with the sale of his beloved cars the funds were available. The cylinders arrived a few weeks later and a small build was built in the back yard of his home to protect the coils from the elements. He started to have a strange feeling about this experiment that he was preparing but he continued. He salvaged small gauge wire from a few fan motors that he found in people’s trash. The thread shafts were purchased at a local hard ware store. He still had need of at least three computers, one for each of the coils. He was like a mad man building this device that haunted his dreams and mind for so many years. Three old computers were purchase at a small second hand store name Saint Venice De Paul. They were old but they would have to do. The next few weeks were spent reprogramming the computers, one computer would have to be in control and the two others were slaves computers. It was a very slow task; the program that would control this figment of his imagination would be in machine language, something he learned many years prior. The out put of the computers would be ones and zeros but the most important factor they would be one volt direct current and zero volts, not enough wattage to operate the massive coils that he constructed. The outputs of the computers were fed into a bank of (SCR) silicon control rectifiers that would act like amplifiers and produce the voltage and current necessary to complete the experiment. Every thing was coming together, it started to take shape and appeared to be extremely close to the dreams he had countless time.

As the project took shape it look like nothing would stand in its way. He was like a madman, he barely slept, and it was as if an invisible force drove him, that life and death depended upon the result of his labor. He received a notice from the code enforcement department of this small little town. The small build on his property, that he constructed was done without a permit and would have to be remove in thirty days or face a fine. This seemed to drive even more, but a nagging feeling also seem to haunt his waken hours. What is this thing that he was constructing what was it purpose, if things went wrong what type of failsafe must be built. He sat down and drew up a sketch that placed the equipment at different locations. The computers would be in the main house and the banks of silicon control rectifiers would be placed in the basement of his home. The coils were place in the small building in such an order that they pointed to an area sixteen feet away, in this area would be the power junction. What every type of pulse or signal the coils would produce, if it had a negative effect the power junction would be damaged and the experiment would be halted. It was few weeks later when everything was completed and the experiment was ready to start.

Not knowing what the future would hold, or what this experiment would produce, the morning was spent at Casey’s, a few cups of coffee with friends before the experiment would begin. The computers started producing square waves, the SCR amplified the square waves and the coils seemed to produce a low hum. The first computer was programmed to send out one square wave every second. The second computer did like wise and the third computer produced the same except every second it double the amount of square waves until it ran through the complete spectrum of frequency then the computer before it increase it frequency to two pulse every second. This stepping process would continue until all three computers visited the complete frequency spectrum. Like a little kid in the candy shop, he sat and waiting for what must happen. He scarified everything that he had to complete this experiment and it must mean something. He sat for two days only taking breaks to visit the bathroom or to eat a fast meal, but the computer kept running. The beginning of the third day after totally exhausted he could not stay awake any longer and decided to take a quick nap. He placed a cot next to the computers and dosed off. It was a few hours later when a sound almost like a car backfiring brought him out of his deep slumber. A quick check of the computer confirmed that experiment was still continuing, He dosed off for a few more hours and he went outside to inspect the coils. They were found to be in an off condition, the power junction that was sixteen feet away was missing and a small crater was in its place. He was puzzled and ran back to the computer and stopped the programs that were running. An inspection of the area found no pieces or parts of the power panel which rule out an explosion. The ground around the area had no loose soil that would or could explain the crater that was formed; it was as if it was transported to a different time or place. He had to find out, he spent so much time and money, and he just had to find out. A new power junction was constructed and moved to a safe area next to his home. He built a small metal capsule out of metal sheets that he removed from the furnace and heater ducts in his home, a glass window was cut into the capsule and mutable layers of storm window created a small portal to view from. He ran a kill switch into the capsule that would able him to shut the experiment down in case his life came into danger. He backed the computer’s programs to a point to where he fell asleep. The small building was airtight and he placed a flapper value that would allow fresh air to enter, and if there was a change in pressure for some reason the flapper value would close and make it air tight. He placed a video camera in his home to record the event. He spent another day and double the power to the coils.

The experiment resumed, he sat patiently for what seem like a lifetime. After a little over an hour the area around his home made capsule started to glow, then a loud explosion could be heard through out the neighborhood, it sounded like a jet breaking the sound barrier and written off as such. The area that he called home grew quite after that, the grass in the yard grew, and a notice was received in the mail for an unkempt yard. After about a few months electrify, gas and water service were turned off due to lack of payment. A few weeks later the house fell into foreclosure and a short time later auction off by the bank. The court dates from the code enforcement department were missed and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Somewhere in space floated a small metal capsule, and within a man that face certain death. The small capsule could possible sustain life for maybe an hour or a little longer, but he knew he would enjoy this short period before death would arrive. He was still puzzled of the means in which he arrived at this location that was so deep in space, the only thing that he recognize was a few consolation of stars that he viewed from the back yard of his home. When the air turn fridge and it became difficult to breathe he passed out and death was just a few minutes away. With in a few moment he awoken in a make shift hospital with an oxygen mask on his face and heating blankets to restore normal body temperature. He had many questions that either fell upon deaf ears or were ignored. After a few hours he was place in a room, he sat in the room for what seem like days before men in lab coats visited him with many questions.

The power to the coils produced a magnetic field that was pick up by homeland security as a possible terrorist activity. Your computers were annualized and it was determined that is was some sort of time machine by the scientist in area 51. This same project was in progress for many years but never bore fruit. Your device sent you back in time twenty-four hours. With in that twenty-four hours, the earth continuing its orbit around the sun and moved over one and a half million miles and that is where you were sent. It took us months before we were able to stabilize the time jump and to locate your position. He was question for many weeks when it was finally realize that it was an accident or fluke that allowed him to make such a device. He was locked away in area 51 for possible the rest of his life, his only friend was a laptop that he was allowed to use.

With the laptop over time he was able to hack into area 51-computer network and secure his freedom. In the night when the moon was not full he manage to elude the guards and disappear into the cloak of darkness. The government is still search for him, some say he was seen at Casey a few mornings ago drinking coffee. He has been spotted in the Town Square of Perryville talking about what use to be. If you are able to read this story on the Internet, delete when you are done. The government has ears and is still trying to hide my great time travel experiment. They will try and find me by the IP address that sent my story to the Internet but they will fail. I manage to hack into an unsecured wireless network some where on Main Street. I will spend the rest of my life on the run and as a free man.

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