Lost World Caverns, Lewisburg, West Virginia – a Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Have you ever dreamed of being a Spelunker, that is, a person who explores caves or caverns, or maybe you have thought about visiting one that you saw advertised on television or in some brochure you read. Lost World Caverns, in Lewisburg, Virginia, is a place that anyone who likes caves or caverns, would love to visit.

Lost World Caverns lets you descend deep under the surface of the Earth and see a world of beauty that is hidden to most, this underground world is a magical place of stalagmites, stalactites and other amazing wonders. The cavern allows you to walk through it at your own pace and without guides, while you stay on the trails. Before you start your tour, you are given a map or guide sheet that shows you the different formations you will pass, as well as their names and other interesting information.

Walking through the entire cavern takes almost an entire hour, although you can take longer if you so desire, as you admire the beauty and mystique of this underground world. Lost World Caverns is incredible, in the summer you can venture through it, and enjoy the atmosphere while you stay nice and cool, it’s like having free air conditioning during the hot months, and in the winter months, it provides warmth, as the temperature stays a comfortable 52 degrees year around.

You will see amazing structures such as huge stalactites, amazing columns, incredible stalagmites and many other marvels to behold. There is even one stalagmite that is very famous, because it was used by a man, who sit on it for 16 days, to have his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Bring your favorite camera with you, as you will see many wonderful sights, that you will want to share with family and friends.

If you are a true Spelunker, and are in for some more exciting and rugged exploring, how would you like to explore the more inner parts of Lost World Caverns, in areas that are not part of the general public tour. Wild cave tours, will give you a guided 4 hour journey through, the deepest areas of Lost World Caverns. You will not only walk, but at many times you will have to crawl through tight passages, and openings, as well as climb over rocky areas.

If you consider yourself in good physical condition, then the Wild cave tour may be more to your liking, then the general public tour. Make sure you call ahead for the Wild cave tour, as it requires a reservation, and you will learn of the items you need to bring, such as any emergency medicines you may need, such as for asthma, diabetes, etc, extra clothes, and more.

The above grounds of Lost World Caverns, has an amazing Natural History Museum, complete with the remains of a very unique and rare prehistoric cave bear, that was actually discovered within Lost World Caverns, as well as numerous dinosaur items and fossils. There is also a huge gift shop where you can buys lots of amazing souvenirs and gifts, for yourself, family and friends, such as; minerals, and amazing geodes and tons of other great items.

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