Louisiana Law Bans Cash for Used and Second Hand Transactions

The progressive state of Louisiana has done it again by enacting a new law that bans all cash payments for the buying and selling of used goods. This includes all flea markets, second-hand stores, antique shops, resale and consignment shops, auctions and more. This new law even prohibits individuals who buy and sell on sites like Craigslist and in local newspapers like the Green sheet from accepting or paying with cash.

On July 1, House Bill 195 was signed into law. It basically says those who buy and sell second-hand goods cannot use cash to make those transactions. The new law is intended to make it easier for authorities to track the sales of “stolen” goods by giving police a paper trail to follow. Many businesses and consumers still don’t know about it.

Besides prohibiting the use of cash payments, the law also requires the collection of personal information like names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers from every customer. This gathered information must then be submitted to the state officials. The only acceptable forms of payments are checks, money order or electronic transfer.

Even though the United States dollar plainly states, “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private,” when dealing with used goods the state of Louisiana has officially sent a big “forget you” to each U.S. Federal Reserve note in circulation. Yet the state of Louisiana still gladly accepts all of your dirty cash money in its fine casino establishments.

There really is no legitimate reason for banning cash payments, especially in light of the required collection of detailed personal information. The measure is simply another excuse for the government to spy on individuals, and to take away their economic and civil liberties. Louisiana Attorney Thad D. Ackel Jr. suggested that lawmakers have decided to sacrifice “individual privacy, economic, civil liberty and freedom” in the name of law and order.

Many Texans drive the 20 minutes into Louisiana to visit the closest casinos, so in the near future residents of Louisiana will drive into Texas to shop at the closest flea markets. Soon there will be one opening: right past the Louisiana-Texas state line on I-10 freeway. Look for it!

So at your next garage sale in Louisiana, don’t forget to bring your check book in case you want to purchase that 50¢ decorative cup.

Read the bill’s text at scribd.

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