Love Actually..

What is love?

Is it when you don’t talk to your bestfriend about how they bother you just because you’re afraid you’d lose them?

Is it when your loved ones start finding other things to keep them occupied and you feel left out?

Is it how you sacrifice your time and energy just for that smile in their eyes?

Is it that feeling you get when you give up the things you always dreamed of just to be with that one person?

What is love?

You keep looking for it your entire life,and yet, you can never give it a full definition. Can you really??

Why do we keep looking for it? Can we not live without love on our lives? You read articles, watch movies and read novels telling the stories of couples being in love for over 50,60 or 70 years,even.

Can you ever get over it? Can you ever lose the love you felt for someone? If you spend your life looking for it, and are so ecstatic when you find it,how do you get over losing that love?

I ask again…: What is love??

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