Love, Life and Loneliness

Love Life and Loneliness
Family Friends and Togetherness
Caring Sharing and Commercialism
Giving Heart and Celebration

Love Peace and Forgive
Happiness will over whelm
trees Branch out and hearts
with wings are spreading joy like angels

Torture terrorists in prison
While police men, Firemen and soldiers risk their lives
War Violence and Crime They say it
is a part of Life. It’s Death.

Another day alone wishing
For the sadness to go a away
Why do we have it
Kahlil on sadness

Break free and party
get ready
for fun and run
it’s another day in the sun.

Here come the clichés of giving and receiving
friendship tears of Joy,
Tears of sadness a shoulder to cry on,
spending time with those you love.

But wait here are more
Frustrations with relatives
Aunt Prude Uncle Crude and Cousin Rude
They like to rant like savages

Too much togetherness leads
the Jolly dolly
to scuba dive and arrive
at the gates of hell well I didn’t know where I was going.

Break free and party
get ready
for fun and run
it’s another day together

Donating pails of nails
housing our brothers and sisters
far away lands
who can afford rice we drive huge fords.

Playing games while sledding
consoles in the basement
adults upstairs eating
their favorite foods for their amusement

Green beans, potatoes and turkey stuffing
Jesus into Toys and TV’s and video games
Easy bake profits for Wal-Mart and Target
In one isle GIs and cars in the next is nothing but Barbies and frills

Break free and Party
are you ready it’s fun
lets run
we get one more day in the sun.

Where are we going
Overworked, over tired, over time
All are gifts
A shoe box of homemade cards.

Bicycle races and triathlons
Biathlons and the birth of
Endurance for the meaning of life

365 days of Christmasions
Kinships gather in front of the tree
Exchanging presents
Let everyday be gay.

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