Love Makes Life Beautiful

‎”love makes life beautiful” always!…

its depending upon how we showing, to whom we showing!….

Love is an emotion that nearly everyone has experienced at some time in their life. One would think that with such a familiar concept, researchers would agree on what constitutes love and how to measure it. That has not been the case. Most research on love is based on a priori theoretical conceptualizations. It’s quite possible that if a researcher starts out by defining love and then develops a measure to quantify that conceptualization, the results would tend to reflect this process.

The Concept of Love :

caring hugging kissing fondness closeness concern friendship being there for the person a bond doing things for the person happiness helping the person holding hands sharing warmth can be one-sided not too intense not sexual Physical attraction arousal lust expressed through sexual intercourse person is seen only as a sex object for one’s own gratification commitment contentment excite ment fulfills a need heart rate increases intimate touching not long lasting close while having sex, but not necessarily after emotional giving special think about the other person all the time doing thing together not physical supportive enjoy each other’s company feel relaxed with the person normal behavior trust feel free to talk about anything being reliable respect Love Description : helping honesty understanding sharing emotions being there for the other person good times supporting long lasting loyalty openness sharing thoughts common interests feeling relaxed with the person listening to each other sadness sense of belonging sharing experiences candlelight dinners taking walks idealistic want to be with the other person all the time giving gifts dream about the person like a fairy tale sitting in front of a fireplace courtship doing things together don’t know the person very well your world revolves around the person glowing problems seem to vanish sexual sweaty palms soft music think about the person all the time occurs at a young age a new experience infatuation feel shy around the person a crush feel like your floating initially strong, but then fades painful if not reciprocated see only the person’s good qualities act immaturely attraction intense want to be with the person all the time expressive euphoria feel flushed giving your self completely to the person irrational physical the person is the most special person in your life want to make each other happy intrigued by some fascinating quality of the person you don’t know the person very well excited when you see the person being love-struck think you’re in love talk about the person all the time based on first impressions continues regardless of the circumstances felt for only one person a promise devotion faithfulness give and take relationship live together passionate sacrifice.
So, “love makes life beautiful” always!…

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