Love Songs That Help You Get Ready on Your Wedding Day

Every bride needs a little time to get ready for her wedding. Hair, makeup, getting dressed, these things all take time, whether you do them yourself or have them done professionally. And it means a lot of time for those wedding day jitters to set in. Relax, calm your nerves and load the following songs on your iPod to listen to on your wedding day. They’ll help you get ready for your special day and in the mood to walk down the aisle.

“Wonderful Tonight” This Eric Clapton song hits on every bride’s desire to feel beautiful. You’ll feel gorgeous with this song as you primp and coif for the big day.

“What a Wonderful World” This classic tune is a great adjective of the perfect wedding day. Sung by none other than Louis Armstong.

“Everything I Do” Crooned by Bryan Adams, this love sonnet is a reminder to the bride that her husband to be is going to provide for and love her with everything he does.

“Right Here Waiting for You” Richard Marx had it right when he proclaims he’ll always wait for his loved one, just like the groom will be waiting at altar for his bride to walk down the aisle.

“Have I Told You Lately?” This Rod Stewart gem reminds us that every good relationship needs to speak words of love.

“I’ll Be There for You” Don’t let the singer’s rock and roll ways confuse you, Bon Jovi shows us that a marriage is built on mutual support.

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” Aerosmith knows the grooms heart as Steve Tyler declares he doesn’t even want to be apart from his love long enough to sleep.

“And I Love You So” Harry Connick Jr. is a crooner with a heart for love. Every bride wants to know that her groom will love her for always, just like the words Harry sings in this beautiful remake.

“The Power of Love” Celine Dion sings it right when she shares just how powerful love is, something a bride needs to remember in the ups and downs of married life.

“You Raise Me Up” This hit song, sung by Josh Groban, tells just how important it is for a bride and groom to always support, encourage, and uplift each other.

“The Way You Look Tonight” Ever the romantic, Michael Bublé wants to always remember how beautiful she looks in that special moment.
“Moonlight Serenade” This old standard, sung by the infamous Frank Sinatra, is a song of romance. Let this song be a reminder of many more romantic times to come.

You’ll undoubtedly have your favorite love songs. Load them all up on your MP3 player and keep that playlist handy. It will help you remember, as you get ready for your walk down the aisle, what the true meaning of a wedding is all about. Two hearts, coming together, to start a brand new life. May it be a blessed one.

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