Love’s Dream

The sun slowly breaks through the clouds while birds sing in nearby blooming trees. The open window allows the breeze to move the curtains. The alarm sounds beside the bed. I press the snooze button not wanting to leave this room anytime soon.

I lay back down enjoying these moments, replaying previous moments, and planning the moments ahead knowing that these are precious moments that could end or never happen again. I can feel him next to me. Bare skin against bare skin. He sleeps, dreaming I assume, while I watch him.

I want to wake him, to hold him, to be as we were last night, but I only watch him as he moves in his sleep. I wonder if he’s dreaming about something good: maybe he’s reliving last night as I am. He moves from time to time. I want to reach out to him. His lips part inviting me to kiss them.

The lump in the sheets moves, changes in size, and I watch it yearning to have at it again. I want to move the sheets and devour this flesh again. I want to be one with him again, but I only dream. I do not want to disturb his peaceful sleep.

I lay my down again as a breeze opens the curtains slightly. I can see blue sky and patches of white clouds. It’s a beautiful day outside yet I chose to remain here watching my lover sleep. I close my eyes. I can feel his flesh against mine. Dreams take hold. Dreams so real I want them to be real.

Touch wakes me. I can feel his lips exploring as I wake. The dream fades as though it were not a dream. I wonder if we could stay here like this forever.

My love grows as he takes me in, the world outside this room ceases to exist, and all I know is I feel great. It’s more than a physical feeling. It’s a feeling of hope discovered in a relationship. I have found someone to love that loves me back.

He moves to kiss me. Our lips meet. Our bodies meet. Our bodies connect. Limbs move. Our kissing deepens as he becomes deeper within me. This is last night revisited. I imagine we could do this forever. A constant cycle of rest and sex. We could remain in this bed until we die together of old age. We could remain here in love.

He finishes. He guides me as I guided him. Our lips remain locked. We are one again. Soon I lay back down exhausted. I smile. I know that this all could end at any moment and that this could be the last day we share in this bed. Our bodies intertwined, we sleep, and I dream. I dream of a love that never ends. I dream of something I’ve dreamt so many days and nights.

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