Lower the Presidents and Representatives Salary by the Outlaw Micheal Tomsik and Chris Chamberlain

The Goal is to lower the Presidents and Representatives salary. Representatives both on the Republican and Democratic side of the fence make $150,000.00 to $400,000.00 per year.
In hard times of the economy the government has not once mentioned lowering the pay for the government or President.

Even with cut backs in other areas Americans are out of work.Why should the people we hire to represent us be paid to not represent us. Lowering the pay for the President and Representatives of the people sends a strong message that they are not doing the job they where elected to do. Why should the American people be struggling for jobs, losing homes, and having to choose between paying for a home, gas or food for the family. The people that represent us do not want to make any sacrifices but expect us the people to do it. So we believe the petition to lower the salary of the President and the Representatives will make an overall statement and also help cut back spending.

Chris Chamberlain from the political show THE CHRIS CHAMBERLAIN SHOW on blog talk radio talked to me about starting a petition to do exactly what I said in my blog about a month ago. The question I asked has never been answered and the goverment never has mentioned lowering pay.

It seems the goverment and the people who represent the American people need to be shown exactly how the American people feel. In hitting them in the pocket book is the only direct way I can think of to get them to listen to us the people!

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