Luck Is

Luck is Preparation and Opportunity. If you believe in Luck, understand that you control preparation. Whatever it is that you want to do, being prepared for that opportunity puts you in a position to be considered lucky.

The first step in Preparation is believing in yourself. Once you believe that you can and will achieve your goal, you have begun preparing for that opportunity. The second step in Preparation is acquiring knowledge for what it is that you want to achieve; understanding what you will need to know and to do. The third step in Preparation is physically doing whatever it is; practice.

Opportunities are always around us. Opportunities are choices or decisions. The difference between being lucky or unlucky is how prepared you are for YOUR opportunity. If YOU are prepared, YOU will RECOGIZE when YOUR opportunity comes. It sounds simple because it is. Athletes prepare all their lives to get the opportunity to play for a championship. The difference will always come down to how prepared they are. It starts with believing in themselves and their teammates (if a team sport). It continues with the next two steps. Achieving your goals is no different. You will get the opportunity to do whatever it is you want to do. The difference will be if you are prepared. Sometimes just having the right mindset (believing in you) is enough to recognize the opportunity and capitalize on it.

When I was in college, I majored in Electrical Engineering. After my sophomore year, I was mentally burned out. I needed a break but I did not want to leave school. In the fall semester of my junior year, I attended my school’s annual career fair in September. I happened to talk to a recruiter who suggested that I look into either a summer internship or a cooperative education position. Later that week, I submitted my resume and application to my Career Services department. Right before Thanksgiving break, I received a call from a Human Resources recruiter for Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. She told me that they where looking for an electrical engineering major to be a cooperative education student fulfilling the role of project engineer. I interviewed with her and was offered the position. I accepted and worked at the Air Force Base during my spring and summer semesters. I got the break I desperately needed. I also was able to work as an engineer, using the knowledge I had gained from my classes. This opportunity allowed me to assess what type of engineer I might consider once I graduated. On so many different levels, the experience was valuable beyond words that can explain.

The takeaway, people told me I was lucky. I was prepared. I was mentally ready for an opportunity that would allow me to work but still be in school. I had the knowledge. The opportunity presented itself. This is one of many examples.

Whatever it is that you want to do, be prepared. You will get the opportunity. I promise you.

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