Magnetism of Cusco

When it comes to reading about ancient civilizations in the world such as Egypt, Greece, Mayans and Incas -besides being impressed by their advanced knowledge in science and engineering-, it’s inevitable to think about what criteria they chose to apply in order to build their majestic constructions. The Pyramids of Gizeh, Chichen Itza, the Parthenon and Machu Picchu, have always been associated with the energy some people believe such constructions emit.

It is understandable that people around the world feel attracted by such big and complex ancient wonders around the world. It is even more interesting to see how some groups of people believe that energy, mainly emitted in the form of magnetism has a strict relationship with these ancient constructions.

In the case of Cusco, it is believed by some people that not only Machu Picchu, but Cusco itself is surrounded by some particular energy that is mainly known as magnetism, but what is magnetism?


Magnetism is related with the force of interaction at the subatomic level. It is a property that is measured when a magnetic field is applied. For a unique charge in motion surrounded by a magnetic field, the charge experiences a force that is proportional to this magnetic field. For a group of charges (electrons moving), that we call electric current, the wire that transports this electric current is also experiencing a force that is proportional to the value of this current in Amperes. Therefore, magnetism is related with the force responsible for the attraction and repulsion between substances.

Magnetism of Earth

Scientifically, it is known that the center of the Earth is made of an iron-nickel core; the one that is responsible of Earth’s magnetic field. It is also known that the magnetic poles are inverted in relation to the geographical poles, i.e. the North Magnetic Pole is located under the Equator and the South Magnetic Pole is located on the top of the Equator. And recently, it is being realized that the poles can appear at any part of the Earth, depending on the rotation and movement of the Earth’s core.

Magnetism of Cusco

Traditionally speaking people believe that Cusco, as the magnetic center of the Earth, will attract positive forces that will change people. Others believe that they can use that energy to attract a positive energy for themselves. Also, because of the great symbolic meaning Cusco represented to Inca’s history as the capital of the empire, and as the religious center where Qoricancha and Machu Picchu are located, people believe that this magnetic energy is nothing but the remnant energy that started with Incas and continues on nowadays. Since the Earth possesses a magnetic field, then it is possible that some places on Earth might be located in the magnetic center, not necessarily the center of the Earth.

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