Major Differences Between P90X2 and P90X Workout Programs

If you’ve pre-ordered the P90X2 workout program or are still trying to decide whether this workout program is right for you, take some time to learn about the differences between P90X2 and P90X. P90X was released in 2004 and quickly became one of the top-selling home fitness programs in the country. P90X2 will be released in December 2011 and is designed for P90X graduates and athletes. It’s definitely not a beginner’s workout and even people who are already in great shape will need to go through about three weeks of training during Phase 1 of the program to prepare their body for this intensive workout.

Here are some of the key differences between P90X2 and P90X workout programs;

Fewer Workouts per Week

The P90X workout schedule included six days of workouts and one recovery day. P90X2 only requires a commitment of five days per week, only because the workouts are much tougher and your body will need at least two days off per week to repair itself. Make sure you can plot these workouts into your weekly schedule so that you are doing enough workouts and also getting the time off you need.

No Cardio-Only Workouts

The P90X workout program includes a full cardio workout, a Kenpo workout and Core Synergestics which includes some cardio work. P90X2 doesn’t have a full cardio workout but you’ll find that several workouts do include plyometrics, jogging in place and other cardio moves. If you’re a cardio addict, it might take you some time to adjust to the P90X2 schedule which is more focused on strength training, functional training and resistance exercises.

Shorter Yoga Session

P90X yoga workout was 75 minutes in length, one of the longer workouts in the whole program. The yoga workout in P90X2 is just 65 minutes long but will still give you plenty of opportunities to stretch and lengthen your joints and muscles. Remember that yoga can really help with balance and coordination as you work through this program, and can also help you become more flexible.

More HIIT Sessions

You’ll find more high intensity interval training sessions throughout the P90X2 workout program than in P90X. Interval training raises your heart rate quickly to its maximum capacity and can give you a boost of energy throughout your workout. This can be a great supplement to any strength training program that doesn’t include regular cardio – you will sweat from these routines! These short, energy-boosting workouts will also help to build endurance and increase stamina.

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