Make Friends in Aberdeen Through Organised Events This Winter

Aberdeen is a vibrant city with a huge range of festivals and other organised events so you can find a place to make friends with like-minded people no matter what your interests are. From Highland games and literature festivals, from salsa classes to continental markets, Aberdeen has all these ways to make friends, whether you like traditional Scottish entertainment or something more cosmopolitan, and all before the end of this winter!

Scottish winters can be harsh, which is why you have a good advantage when you want to make friends if you live in a city like Aberdeen, with good transport links and other services.

Let’s have a look at just some of the myriad of opportunities you have to make friends in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Revelation

This is a Christian-based Rock-Gospel Choir based at the University of Aberdeen. There are no auditions and anyone can join, regardless of ability and experience. People of all faiths and none are also welcome to join. The choir aims to provide a place were friendships can be built. Aberdeen revelation meets meet at 7.30pm each Monday in the MacRobert Building.

Highlanders Homecoming Parade

On the 1st December 2011 you can come along and pay a personal tribute to the local battalion Highlanders as they return from their tour of duty in Afghanistan. This is not an obvious place at which to make friends, but think about it: to get a good view you will need to get there early (check your local newspaper for the route and times). It will be an emotional, stirring occasion with plenty of opportunity and chat so you can make friends while you wait for our boys to return home.

The Blue Lamp Comedy Club

This is a more obvious opportunity to make friends in Aberdeen. Everyone likes a good laugh and laughter draws people together. Nothing is sexier than a sense of humour so if you find someone who shares laughs at the same things that you do, you may well do more than make friends at the Blue Lamp Comedy Club. They may become your soul mate!

Fiddlers’ Rally

The Fiddlers’ Rally takes place on 7.30pm to 10.00pm on 12th November, 2011. It is an evening of traditional Scottish music hosted by Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society, joined by fiddle and accordion players from across Scotland. Tickets cost £15.50 (£13.50 concessions) and they are available from the Aberdeen Box Office

Salsa Party La Fiesta Latina If you prefer something a little more relaxed and perhaps a little wild to make friends, you could try the salsa party on Saturday 12 November 2011 at the Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen. Learn the salsa from scratch from 9-10pm and then party the night away until 11am in the same venue. You don’t even need a partner so this is the perfect opportunity to make friends in Aberdeen. So, without too much effort, and by having a lot of fun, you could find several opportunities to make friends in Aberdeen, all in the next couple of months. Expand your circle of friends by Spring 2012!

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