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Want to make money online? Sick off those online surveys, or “Make Money Fast Schemes?” This article will give you all the knowledge you need to start making money NOW and get you on your way starting your own online business. In this article I will give you tips on getting money from Walmart. This article is great for teens or anyone looking for a little extra cash. It starts here!

Things you will need:

Computer Transportation(to Walmart) Mailing service (USPS, UPS, FedEx) Packaging supplies (Small boxes, Tape) Money $$ ($20-$+) Printer *Optional-Smart Phone (Droid,Blackberry,I-phone)

Summary: Long story short, Find-Check-Sell-Ship.

Find: Everyone (just about) has been to Walmart. You can find Walmart’s everywhere. First, go to your local Walmart and find one of those big boxes with the “on-sale” or “$5″ CD’s, DVD’s, books, and video games. If you are knowledgeable in any of those categories this step will be easy. Don’t worry! If not you can still make money from Walmart. This is where the smartphone comes in hand.

With smartphone: Download the smartphone app to your smartphone.( is a great website where you will be doing most (or all) of your selling) With this app you can “scan” the product or search it. Search your product to find out if it cost more on Amazon. If it does then you will need to find out how much more it is selling for. If it not selling for at least $5 more then you will want to find a new product. Keep doing this until you are about to spend at least $20. Purchase (keep you receipt!) your products and head home to start listing.

Without smartphone: If you do not own a smartphone then you will really only add one more trip to Walmart. Bring a piece of paper and a pen with you. Find one of those boxes of “on-sale” products and write down the names or title of at least 30 of them. If there are not 30 items then just get as many as there are. Next you will go home with your list and go to Look up all of the names or titles and circle all of the ones on the list where it cost at least $5 more on Finally, you will go back to Walmart and find your circled items and purchase (keep your receipt)them.

Check: This part is simple and is kind of a repeat of before. Go back and check to make sure the items are still selling for more. If they are not no biggie! On your next trip to Walmart just return the unwanted items.

Sell: This step can be tricky! I will try to make it simple.
First, make an sellers account.
To do this:

Go to On the top of there homepage you will see some writing at the top that will advise you to sign in or create an account (“Start here” link) Create account, enter in all of the information it asks for and follow their steps. ***Make sure to give accurate information*** If asked to verify account, do so. You have now made you account and are now ready to start selling!

Second, list products.
To do this:
On’s homepage you will see a link on the far right that says “Your Account” click that link. When the next page opens you will see another side bar on the far right side of the page that is titled “Your Other Accounts.” Under the title you will see a link “Your Seller Account” Click that link. When that page opens go through there steps until it brings you to the page titled “Sell Your Stuff.” Under that title you will see a box that allows you to search your product. When you find your product follow Amazons steps to list it. (***PLEASE READ*** When listing your product make sure you are pricing it a little lower than the lowest. If it is not the lowest no one will pick yours if there is a cheaper option. Depending on the size and distance the product will be shipped, shipping prices could vary ($1-$7 for most products. Keep that in mind while listing!) Repeat the above steps (1-3) for all of your items.

After about a week, most of your products should have sold. If not, make sure your product is priced the cheapest. It is important to keep checking!

Ship: When you have sold an item the next thing to do is ship your item(s) to the person that has found your wonderful listing. First you will need to pack your item in your box or padded envelope.
To pack an item:

When an item is sold you will see that you have gotten a message in you sellers account. When you expand that product you will see how much it sold for, who bought it, and how much credit for shipping you have received ( the shipping credit will just be put in your total and put in your PayPal account). Print out the packing slip under the “Packing slip/Information” link and print it out. Get a box or padded envelope that will fit the item. If it is in a box make sure that it is not loose or could get damaged. Use bubble wrap or package filling to stuff it in to avoid damage to your product (a damaged product could ruin the sell and you will not get a profit on that item). Cut off the address on top of the “packing slip” and put the remaining part of the “package slip” in the box or envelope (keep the address part.) Tape up the box or envelope (make sure it cannot open!) Tape the address you are shipping to on, or around the middle of the box or envelope. Next, you will want to type up your name and address and print it out Tape that on the top left side of your package.

Bring your completed package along with some money to the post office and ship it. ***If the product your are shipping is media make sure to ship it “media,” it will save you a lot of money.

When you have successfully shipped your package and received your PayPal payment you have just made simple and fast money using Walmart. Although it may have seemed to be a long process, it will pay off in the long run. You will learn more and more as you keep doing this. As you complete this you may have realized that you do not have to limit yourself to just Walmart “on-sale” items! You can begin to purchase big, expansive things and sell for even a bigger profit. Maybe with this you have learned how easy, and fun buying cheap and reselling for profit can be. Maybe you had ideas about buying in bulk, or finding items that you have at home to sell. Maybe now, you even want to start your own online business! Think of all the potential you have. It starts Here! Have fun and be smart selling!

***Walmart is a store that many of you have been to or have heard about. To learn more about Walmart visit your local Walmart or go to
*** is a great website that will be your biggest help throughout this article. Amazon allows you to buy products from them, companies and people like you. To learn more about Amazon vist

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