Make New Friends Out and About in London

London is a big city and it offers many opportunities for you to make new friends and also to get out and about with the people you meet. In this article you will discover several interesting places to make new friends and got out with them in those early days before you are ready for intimate one-on-one dates. Make new friends and get out and have fun with them.

House of Parliament

This is an interesting place to make new friends in London because visiting the Houses of Parliament is sure to spark discussion. Now, obviously, you can’t just walk straight up to someone touring Parliament and ask them which way they vote; but as you are getting to know people and you realise they are interested in politics too, suggesting a visit to the Houses of Parliament offers and interesting opportunity to make new friends as you explore a historic place of interest to you both.

The building itself is architecturally amazing so you will have more than politics to talk about as you make new friends in one of the top touristy attractions in London. There are tours every Saturday throughout the year and the Houses of Parliament are open more frequently during the summer when Parliament is in recess.

London Eye

If you have a head for heights you can make new friends and suggest a ride on the London Eye. The slow-moving ride is 135m high, making it the tallest observation wheel in the world. While you are up there, you will have a good while to make new friends travelling with you in one of the thirty-two observation capsules. You can see up to a distance of 40km so you will not be stuck for something to talk about. Sharing your response to spectacular scenery like that is a great way to make new friends. Just remember to swap email addresses or mobile phone numbers so you catch up again later and develop the friendship.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This is another stunning architectural masterpiece. There are regular tours of the building, which afford you an opportunity to make new friends. You may also be lucky enough to meet someone of the same spiritual persuasion as yourself which can be a particular bonus when you make new friends.

St. Paul’s is probably most famous for its dome; but inside, there are fantastic mosaics and intricate stone carvings. This cathedral really has the wow factor that might just break the ice as you start to talk to people, hoping to make new friends in London. Perhaps you could be a little strategic and ask someone with who you have struck up a conversation to climb up to the Whispering Gallery with you, or even higher, to the Stone Gallery or Golden Gallery. The views from there are well worth the effort and making the journey can be a bonding experience which will help you make new friends.

London Gardens

Strolling around one of the many beautiful gardens in London s a great way to make new friends. Life slows down in these gardens and there is time and space to talk.

If you have taken in St. Paul’s Cathedral, it is just a short stroll to Postman’s Park. Natalie Portman filmed here for the movie “Closer”.

Kensington Roof Gardens is another of London’s must see green venues. Go and make new friends with green fingers like you, an interest in gardening or just an appreciation of the finer things in life. You will find Kensington Roof Gardens where you might not expect it: 100ft above street level, above a Kensington department store. There are Spanish, Tudor and English woodland gardens. They even have flamingos! Now if that doesn’t given you a conversation opener by which to make new friends in London I don’t know what it will take!

London Spas

Keeping to the relaxing theme, why not suggest a trip to a London spa from the people with whom you work? Few experiences bond people better and get them making new friends than relaxing massages, manicures or facials side by side in a London spa!

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