Make Redneck Wine Glasses

Make redneck wine glasses as a funny gift to give a couple moving into their first home, anniversary gift for the couple who has everything or Valentine’s day. They are quick and simple to craft, and they always bring a chuckle from the recipients. If you don’t have the items to construct these glasses in your own closets, they are easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores. I used half-pint jelly canning jars for this project, but recycled food jars of similar size and shape could also be used.

Things You Will Need:

4-inch glass taper candle holders (two)
E6000 (clear household cement)
Half-pint jelly canning jars (two)
Manila folder
Paper hole punch
Leftover coffee
Paper towel
Waxed paper
1/2-inch alphabet stamps
Old blue jeans
Measuring cup
Mixed nuts
Resealable sandwich bag
Tissue paper

Step 1
Wash the glass taper candle holders and the half-pint jelly jars in hot soapy water. Dry with a towel to eliminate water spots. Be careful not to touch the top of the clean candle holders or the bottom of the jars with your fingers. Oils from your fingers will prevent the cement from adhering to the glass.

Step 2
Stand the candle holders on your work surface. Apply E6000 or a clear household cement of your choice to the top of each candle holder.

Step 3
Place a jelly jar on top of each candle holder, centering the jars so that they balance on top. The glue needs to set and bond overnight for a secure hold.

Step 4
Trace two 1 3/4-inch wide by 3-inch long rectangles onto an old manila folder. Cut out the rectangles. Trim the corners off of one short end on both of the rectangles. The tapered end will give you an old fashioned name tag shape.

Step 5
Using a 1/4-inch paper punch, punch a hole centered on the short tapered end of each tag.

Step 6
Crumple each tag in your hands. Submerge the tags in a small amount of leftover coffee for 10 minutes. Remove the tags from the coffee and smooth them out flat. Blot with a paper towel and lay them on a sheet of wax paper to dry. For quick drying you can lay them in a warm oven for 10 minutes.

Step 7
Stamp the word “HIS” on one tag and the word “HERS” on the other tag using 1/2-inch alphabet stamps and a black ink pad. If you don’t have the alphabet stamps available, you could hand write the words using a permanent black marker. You could also personalize the tags with the recipients name if you like.

Step 8
Rip two 1/4-inch wide by 12-inch long strips from the legs of an old pair of blue jeans. Thread a blue jean strip through the hole of one tag. Wrap the ends of the strip around one of the candle holders of the redneck wine glasses. Tie in a knot to secure. Repeat with the other candle holder using the remaining strip and tag.

Step 9
Fill two resealable sandwich bags with 1/2 cup of mixed nuts in each bag. Cut two 12-inch squares of tissue paper. Wrap a square of tissue paper around each bag. Insert the wrapped bags into the jar of the redneck wine glasses. Note: I used an old sewing pattern for my tissue paper for even more country charm.

The wine glasses are washable, but I suggest hand washing.

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