Make Shatterproof Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornaments

Looking for kid friendly ornament projects this year? Consider using clear plastic ornaments as your base rather than glass to make the project safer and easier for your little ones. The plastic ornaments are cheaper and can be found in most major craft stores. In this project, we’ll create a peppermint candy ornament that kids of all ages can create to give to someone special. The cost per ornament for this project is about $3, depending on the paints and embellishments that you select.


One clear plastic ornament in round or disk shape White gloss paint Red gloss paint Red glitter paint Self-adhesive green rhinestones Paintbrush Decorative ribbon Black paint writing pen

Step by Step Directions to Make a Shatterproof Peppermint Candy Ornament

Remove the ornament topper. Paint the entire ornament with one coat of white gloss paint. Hint: It may be easier for small hands to paint one side at a time. Allow to dry completely. Paint a second coat of white gloss paint and allow to dry. Paint four sections using the red gloss paint on the ornament. Refer to the article photo. The red sections should start in the middle of the ornament and flow outwards to the sides. Allow to dry completely. Paint a second coat of red gloss paint. Use the red glitter paint and apply it to each dried red gloss paint section. Apply one or two coats, depending on how much sparkle you want. Allow to dry. Press self-adhesive green rhinestones along the right side of each red paint section. You should have a total of 4 green rhinestone sections when finished. Cut a length of ribbon, about 12 inches. Replace the ornament top. Fold the ribbon in half and tie it to the ornament top. Use the black paint pen to write your name and date on the back of the ornament.

Peppermint Candy Ornament Embellishment Ideas
Apply sparkle Mod Podge to the entire ornament to seal it. Make different sizes and decorate a classroom tree using ornaments from each child in the class. Reverse the colors and make green stripes with red rhinestones.

Once your ornament is completed, wrap it in festive Christmas themed tissue paper and give it to a favorite teacher, friend, or a grandparent for a unique gift.

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