Make These Simple Fake Blood Capsules to Liven Up Halloween

You can achieve the look of someone who is spitting, drooling or dripping blood from their mouth as part of a scary Halloween costume and act relatively easy. But first you’ll need a few simple things to pull it off, which are an empty capsule that is used to fill with herbal powders and ketchup. You could even go simpler and use just a ketchup packet with several holes punched in it. But ketchup packets can be somewhat bulky and hard to hold in your mouth. The edges of a ketchup packet can also be sharp enough to scratch or cut your gums and lips. Plus if you accidentally swallowed a ketchup packet the results might not be so good. It’s much safer to use an empty capsule and ketchup. In this way if you accidentally swallowed it, it wouldn’t hurt you unless you get choked as it goes down.

You may be able to buy empty capsules from health food stores or in the pharmaceutical and vitamin-herbal section of Walgreens, CVS or Wal-Mart. If you can’t find the empty capsules at any of the above mentioned you may be able to order them online. You can use any kind of ketchup.

Pull the empty capsule apart, fill it with ketchup and then push it back together. Make several capsules to implement a reaction from unsuspecting victims. You can easily carry them in a pocket but don’t forget they are there and accidentally squish them.

When you get ready to use a blood capsule place it in your mouth and bite down on it to break it apart and ooze a bloody mess. Remember to place the blood capsule in your mouth right before you are going to use it. Since the capsules are made to fill and swallow, saliva will dissolve them. The difference of placing a capsule in your mouth too early is that you will be able to spit out ketchup instead of being able to bite down and squirt it out.

All the scary creatures of Halloween can benefit from the blood capsule. The friendly costumes that consist of princesses and fairies might not be the best use of a blood capsule unless the princess or fairy has crossed over into a path of evil. Ghoulish buddies might also enjoy adding a little more gore to the festivities that is if you made enough to share, double and triple share.

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