Making a Wrench Organizer

If the wrenches are properly organized, you will be able to quickly find them when working on projects. That means no more looking through a large tool box. Make your own tool organizer with a few readily available materials.

Measure the longest and shortest wrenches in the set with a measuring tape. Subtract 2 inches from the length of the longest wrench and 1 inch from the shortest. If you are placing the tools shortest to longest, mark a line on the left side of the fabric with the smallest measurement and on the right with the longest measurement.

Position the measuring tape across the pocket at the markings you drew on either end and cut across with scissors or a utility knife.

Measure the width of the tools. Allow an extra half-inch on each side so the tools slide out easily. Mark the width of the pockets on the cloth with a marker and cut.

Measure out the back piece of fabric the pockets will attach to. The back section should be twice as high as the pockets so you can fold it in half and sew the edges to seal the raw edges.

Set a measuring tape across the lower edge of the pocket section. Begin 1 inch from the left side and mark the measurements of the pockets with a vertical line of chalk. Create a horizontal line 2 inches from the bottom to guide where you will place the tool numbers.

Secure the pockets in place to the back piece with a sewing machine. Use the polyester thread. Sew the ribbon near the upper edge of the fabric and reinforce it with heavy top stitching thread. You will use the ribbon to hang the tool organizer.

Write the wrench measurements below the pockets with a permanent marker. You can also embroider the numbers on the fabric if you have a machine that can do this.

Necessary Materials

Measuring tape
Permanent marker
Utility knife or scissors
1 piece leather or denim, 14-by-18 inch
1 piece leather or denim, 18 inches wide and 2 inches shorter than the longest tool in the set
1 piece chalk
Sewing machine
All-purpose polyester thread
Heavy top stitching thread
Grosgrain ribbon, 14 inches long
Leather or metallica needle, size 14 or 16

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