Poisonous Spiders of the United States

Of the thousands of different kinds of spiders that exist, most are harmless to people and are very beneficial to the environment and bug control. However, there are four kinds of poisonous spiders living in the United States that pose a danger to people. They are called the Brown Recluse spider, the Yellow Sac spider, the Hobo spider, and the Black Widow spider. Death resulting from a spider bite is rare but not unheard of, but bites from these four spiders can cause severe complications if left untreated.

The Brown Recluse is one of the more poisonous of the four. It lives mostly in the southern part of the country. The Recluse can be identified by a violin pattern on its back, behind the eyes and between the part of the body where the legs connect. It is a light brown, medium sized spider with the violin pattern being a darker brown. It is a non-aggressive spider that is very reclusive and stays well hidden in dark, dry areas. Spider bites involving this spider usually only occur when the spider is forced against skin, as in cases where it is inside clothing or between bed sheets.

The Yellow Sac spider can be found in many areas in the United States. It is yellow and light brown colored, and medium sized. It prefers to live outdoors, and people commonly get bit while gardening and doing other outdoors activities. In the winter the spider may enter dwellings in search of food. A Yellow Sac spider is poisonous and harmful to humans, but its bite is considerably less severe than the Brown Recluse or the Black Widow.

The Hobo spider is a well known aggressive house spider. It is usually found in the northwest part of the country. It is mostly active at night when it searches for prey. The Hobo spider is sometimes confused with the wolf spider, as they have some similar features. It is a dark brown, large spider with v-shaped patterns running down its back. The Hobo spider’s bite is like that of the Brown Recluse, but slightly less dangerous. It can cause skin legions and severe complications in worse cases.

The Black Widow is probably the most poisonous spider of the four, but it is not usually aggressive unless it is defending itself or its eggs. This spider is not usually found inside homes, rather outside in window wells, barns, etc. The Black Widow is a black, shiny, rounded, medium sized spider with a red hourglass pattern on its belly.

Bites from these spiders can cause pain, muscle cramps, weakness, fever, nausea, swelling, vomiting, and skin lesions in bad cases. Death from a spider bite is rare, but in some of the worse cases, amputations, comas, and other severe complications has occurred. If you suspect you have been bitten by one of these spiders and have any of the noticeable side effects listed above, it would be safe to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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