Quiet Doomsday and Lords of Hell

Harold Camping says that the next doomsday on October 21 2011 will be so quiet you may hardly notice it. You know, just like last time.

Is there is a special place in hell for liars who have besmirched the faith by falsely predicting the date of the Rapture, even though the Good Book says specifically that no man knows the date or the hour? Perhaps these false prophets will be made the Lords of Hell.

In any case, given that Harold is in his 9th decade upon this earth, the likelihood that he will get a chance to be wrong again, after blowing it ten days from Halloween, is remote.
If it’s any consolation, earlier this year some waters turned to blood and some sidewalks exploded. Since it did not happen everywhere, you may not have noticed. That’s the thing about something like the Rapture and the Tribulation; folks tend to think that if doesn’t happen everywhere, there is probably not an all powerful being behind it.
Looks like Harold is going to keep things on the down low this time. No billboards warning about a specific date.
Camping’s obsession can be an object lesson to true believers everywhere. What if you are wrong? Can you admit it or will you bring your friends, family and maybe even your church down with you?
Then again the lesson might be: Once you have fleeced your flock of $70 million it’s time to go lay on the beach and wait for a Senorita that you have nicked named: Rapture.
In the mean time, there is a comet watching party set for Oct 16th 2011. It’s going to be a bust since the comet is melting and disintegrating as we speak. It will not collide with the earth, or whisk away believers in a space ship. Why it won’t even spread a poisonous gas that will make the dead rise and walk and roam the earth as zombies. Darn. There’s never a zombie around when you want one.
If you are numerically challenged then on 11/11/11 Angels from the 11th heaven are due enter the earth’s atmosphere live and direct from the Elysian fields to do God only knows what. I believe they will use the 9th gate for this purpose.
And finally there are the doomsdays 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 when all mortals are scheduled to remove all sharp objects from their pockets and kiss the world goodbye.


Halloween Zombie Comet

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