Possibly the Best Cafe in Central Maine

Java Joe’s is pretty much Farmington’s morning hang-out spot.

The menu boasts fresh bagels, and all types of coffee, as well as delightful Chai tea. Soy milk is offered.
A free-for-all bulletin board and complimentary copies of the local paper will allow you to feel right at home, and be informed about local offerings.

Visitors will vary from members of local government, to students at UMF, to trades people of all kinds, and the list goes on.

This place has a better atmosphere, and better menu items than Starbucks, which is good, because you won’t find one in this town, or anywhere nearby. The only nearby competition is the cafe/ gelatoria across the street, and a Dunkin’ Donuts location. Both very different businesses, I would say. This is also the only such place for miles, so if you are going to Sugarloaf, for example, you might stop here if they are opened. Although don’t make a special trip: In season, they open a location on the mountain!

This is a great place for a bite and a coffee/ tea. For a full breakfast, try dining with the locals at the Brickyard Cafe.

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