Practical Calendar Tips for Life

One key tool in organizing life is the use of a calendar. Some sources warn only to use one calendar or you may run into problems, such as missing an appointment due to not writing it on both calendars. It is a risk, but I choose to use more than one calendar. There is a master calendar hanging on a cork board in our computer room, which is for everyone in the family. Any family member can write appointments and reminders on this calendar. It is in a room we all use daily, so it is a good visual reminder. I also carry a pocket sized calendar in my purse, so it can be referred to easily. This is especially handy when I am at places such as a healthcare provider’s office and need to schedule a follow-up appointment on the way out. At the end of every year I take the old master calendar and transfer all birthdays and anniversaries to the new master calendar.

Technology also offers a variety of calendar options and there is an online calendar which I have found handy called the Cozi Family Organizer. The Cozi Family Organizer allows you to color code each family member and even send text message or email reminders of appointments from your calendar. I especially enjoy receiving the weekly email from Cozi of our family’s schedule for the upcoming week. I use the free version but there is a monthly fee if you prefer the upgraded version with no advertising. This has additional organization uses with a lot of potential; as even lists, such as grocery shopping lists or to do lists can be texted to your phone.

As you can see, there are multiple calendar options available, so find what works for you and be willing to adapt as life changes. I used to routinely use a day planner when I was home schooling my daughter, but have found it is more than I need for my life right now. Also, I have experimented with using the calendar on my phone but for me it was more trouble than opening up the pocket sized calendar and just writing it down. Bear in mind, I do not have one of those smart phones. Hopefully these tips will guide you in making the calendar a useful life tool.


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