Predators of Cyberspace

The First Amendment: Freedom of speech, a guaranteed right under the Constitution. With the advent of the computer age especially the Internet more individuals have literally squandered that right of free speech. We must all remember that with any right bestowed on us by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights comes a responsibility. What we say and write does have an direct and indirect affect on the actions by others.

With the economy for most Americans showing no real signs of improving anytime soon there has been a tremendous surge of Internet scams, get rich work at home venues, and all sorts of other gimmicks and potential hazards lurking about in cyberspace. One of the most popular scams that always manages to crop up in e-mails all across the country is “Become a mystery shopper.” Beware of this one! It not only entices weary job seekers into the realm of easy fast money but in reality is also a front for money laundering. The fraudulent practices of these Internet scams that prey on the vulnerable and unsuspecting persons who think they are legitimate job opportunities fail to realize if they follow through with their instructions given fall victim to more of the Internet predators devious and cunning plans with each e-mail that is sent.

Another form of cyberspace trickery that is spamed everywhere in America and those who still fall for these become more unwitting victims of a most ruthless, sinister, and diabolical ploy that renders it’s victims helpless in trying to recoup all the money that was lost just because they were lured into a situation that sounded too good to be true. {Which by the way if it sounds too good it always is not true.} What seemed like a golden opportunity for financial gain when it is needed most now has turned into a nightmare. It starts out innocent at first but then once you respond they have hooked you into their fraudulent scheme. When an e-mail is sent with the first words are ” Good day to you I am Dr. Zimloft from Nigeria and I have a business proposition for you and another ploy comes with an official letter head of a major well known company stating you have just won over $1,000,000 in their lottery but in order to receive this prize you must send in $400 to have it sent to your bank account. All of these are fraudulent lures that prey on the now so many individuals who are so strapped financially today. These are some of the various types of Internet crimes that have become more intrusive every day. They are so cunning in their approach when they target the vast majority of individuals who are now using their computers more frequently in hoping to gain employment.

All too often we hear stories about one person or another who has been victimized and sometimes harmed by someone they had met online. Whether it was through Facebook, MySpace, or some other social network the computer age has opened up a whole new avenue for not only the seedy con artists but all other predators who are now able to trap unsuspecting persons in becoming unwitting and often unwilling victims of their devious and ruthless acts. From explicit web sites that promote a deviate lifestyle to ones that entice the viewer with promises of riches have all pushed the boundaries of our most sacred right of Free Speech to the limit. They have infiltrated and saturated the Internet while luring so many individuals who are now caught up in a whirlwind of trying to find work. This is because most employers now have found it more accessible and less costly if people apply on line now. A virtual paperless employment application that are easy to access.

With more and more individuals now using the Internet as a viable tool in everyday living and with the troubles in securing enough financial revenue to cover day to day expenses there will be more Internet crimes being committed against more individuals. Education is the best preventative measure against being conjured into thinking that you have stumbled upon what seems to be a quick financial opportunity only to turn into a life changing catastrophic chain of events. Another way to combat this new trend in Internet crime is to report any suspicious communication to you local police Internet crime division. The more people that get involved with thwarting and alerting the public officials the more these kinds of criminal activities will start to decline.

Sadly in this computer age that really has just only begun there has always been those individuals who will try to use this medium illegally. Others will try to corrupt other computers in hoping to cripple businesses and force societies to pay a ransom or suffer more hardships because the computer is the one tool now that is so valuable in almost every business transaction around the globe. The vulnerability of the computer to be compromised has slowly dissipated but still many unscrupulous individuals can actually manipulate others into carrying out their criminal acts. They can also render governments helpless because some of these individuals are bent on disrupting or terrorizing networks that are essential for the continuation of business and everyday transactions needed in securing and stabilizing economies. We must always be vigilant and realize that the computer is becoming the most valuable tool for any economy. Internet usage must be free of unwanted, intrusive, and harmful means that can and does cause so much individual suffering. Preserving our basic right of Free Speech is the responsibility of all of us.

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