President Obama a Hypocrite?

Maybe? In his 25 January 2011 “State of the Union” address, President Obama called for steep spending cuts. [1] As a result of that speech, we expected the President doing his part and cut spending when the White House is involved? Wrong!

We learned this week, the Secret Service placed a purchase order last year, to buy two buses with a coach manufacturing company in Tennessee, at a combined cost of $2,191,960. The President must have known the purchase, especially, since he is briefed in advance on intended campaign destinations. This week, the buses are used on the tax-payer funded President’s 3 day, 3 Midwestern state tour. [2]

The purchase cost of the buses is just one item out of many, when the Presidents embarks on a city, state visit. There is the cost of sending advance security and equipment to the intended destination (St Paul, MN), the use and cost of local FBI agents, the salaries of all Secret Service staff. The cost of Air Force One flying to St Paul, the cost maintaining the aircraft , as well the maintenance per flight hour , the cost of every staff on board Air Force One and on ground involved with that airplane.

Watching a video replay, we saw the President’s 13 vehicle cavalcade (inclusive aforementioned 2 buses) barreling down a Midwestern highway, with the knowledge, every highway on-ramp or exit is blocked off by local, state or federal police. One can only estimate the cost for such service and likewise the cost for the President overnight stays, inclusive security details. At the end of the 3 day trip, Air Force One picks up the President and flies him back to Washington and every piece of the advance security equipment , vehicles, buses, reverts back as well.

In sum total, the President’s 3-day Blitz will cost the public millions of dollars, at a time when the President called for spending cuts, and a time when our economy is on the verge of sliding back into a recession. To me, that is being a hypocrite.

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