Product Review: Alba Hawaiian Mango Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

My hair has been slightly dull and dry due to the dry harsh cold air so I have been using a natural nourishing hair conditioner for a couple of weeks. The natural conditioner that I have been using is the Alba Hawaiian Mango Moisturizing Hair Conditioner. It has a pleasant tropical mango scent and it actually contains natural nourishing ingredients that have helped improve my hair greatly by adding softness, volume, brightness and shine.

The first thing I do before using the mango hair conditioner is rinse my hair with warm water. Then I wash my hair really well with an organic nourishing shampoo.Once my hair is washed, I take a handful of the mango hair conditioner and lather and massage it into my hair really well focusing on the scalp and the ends. Then I allow the conditioner to soak into my hair for 30 minutes. I usually put my hair up in a clip so the conditioner does not drip everywhere. However, if you have short hair you can place a shower cap over your conditioned hair to prevent it from dripping everywhere. Then once the 30 minutes is up, I rinse my hair down really well with more warm water until all the conditioner is rinsed out well. The conditioner does rinse out well because it is not too thick. The hair conditioner is light and moisturizing without weighing the hair down. Now once I rinse my hair out I simply pat it dry with a towel and comb it out. My hair is super manageable after using this hair conditioner and my hair has a light pleasant scent of mango that does last all day and night. I do end up getting many compliments on how good my hair looks and smells when I do use this conditioner.

Now the Alba Hawaiian Mango Moisturizing Hair Conditioner comes in a 12 fluid ounce yellow squeezable bottle with plenty of creamy light mango smelling conditioner inside. The conditioner is a bit pricey, but well worth using because my dull hair is not dull anymore and it is well hydrated now with some seriously healthy shine. I would recommend this hair conditioner to anyone with any type of hair because it does contain natural nourishing ingredients that can help nourish all hair types such as aloe, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, papaya, pineapples, mangos, ginger, vitamins, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soy and sodium.

I do know I really enjoy how well the Alba Hawaiian Mango Moisturizing Hair Conditioner has worked in my hair the last couple of weeks and I do know I will continue to use it whenever my hair needs some hydrating. I do hope those of you who try this hair conditioner enjoy the way it works too. I wish you all the very best with keeping your hair looking naturally beautiful.

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