Product Review: Camera Memory Card with Built-in Wi-Fi Makes Life Easy

Professional photographers as well as consumers often need more space on their camera memory cards. Travelers tend to be a bit nervous about carrying around all the vacation photos on easily lost or damaged SD cards. Now there is a solution that makes sense. It’s the Eye-Fi Pro X2, an SD card with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that means you can send your precious photos and videos directly from your camera to your computer or cloud server for safe keeping. In addition, you can choose to delete the photos from the card right then or keep them as a backup.

If you are a professional photographer, this technology can make your life much easier. The Wi-Fi memory card will allow you to have instant access on your laptop, Mac or Windows. That way you can easily check details, focus, lighting, shadows, and such, and zoom in for a closer look if necessary.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is compatible with most digital cameras. By configuring the Eye-Fi card on your computer, you can designate delivery-folder locations and the Wi-Fi networks you want to use, as well as have access to the pre-loaded software. According to a review on, “the card can store credentials for up to 32 networks, and is configured to automatically connect to any AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot. Eye-Fi supports uploads to Facebook, Flickr, Snapfish, YouTube, and 25 other sites.” It also accurately geotags photos for you with great accuracy. Both and Engadget give the Eye-Fi Pro X2 high ratings (4 out of 5).

There is a down-side to the Eye-Fi Pro X2. It drains your camera battery pretty quickly. According to the review “While the card is compatible with virtually every digital camera, only select ‘connected cameras’ support power conservation features, giving you the option to turn off the Wi-Fi radio to conserve battery life.” Of course having spare camera batteries is really a good idea. They are relatively inexpensive and can save you in a crucial moment.

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