Pros and Cons of Acrylic Fingernails

T here was a period where I decided that wearing acrylic fingernails was a good idea. It was an odd decision because I already had naturally long fingernails, still, I liked the look and went for it. I wore them only for a year, until I got my finger caught in a door, nearly ripping off a fingernail. Realizing that if it had been my natural nails, it would have just broken off cleanly and not been so damaging, I went back to my natural nails. This does not mean that acrylic fingernails are a bad idea for everyone, but it is wise to explore the pros and cons of acrylic fingernails.

Pros of getting acrylic fingernails:

Acrylic fingernails look great. They give you instantly long fingernails, to the length you want and they hold onto polish much better than natural fingernails.

If you are having a special event like a wedding or prom, getting acrylic nails will make sure that you don’t have to worry about the state of your fingernails on your wedding day.

Acrylic fingernails look real. Someone would have to examine your fingernails pretty closely to tell otherwise. The best way to tell if a person is wearing natural or acrylic fingernails, you would have to inspect under the fingernail and the sides for unusual thickness of nail.

Cons of getting acrylic fingernails:

Getting acrylic fingernails is a commitment. Because they last for a long time, possibly months with regular touch-ups, it is not something you can do for a weekend. It becomes almost a lifestyle. They need to be soaked off and the fingernail left behind can be damaged from the process; at least until it grows out.

The process of applying acrylic fingernails is time consuming and upkeep can get expensive. The application process also exposes the wearer to fumes that can be unpleasant.

You can get infections and dermatitis from your acrylic nails. Moisture can get trapped between the layers causing fungus to grow, or and chemicals can cause an allergic reaction.

Your acrylic fingernails are only as good at your technician. You need to choose a salon that is clean and professional Make sure tools are sterilized properly. If possible, find a salon that sets aside a manicure set for each regular client. Also, make sure the technician communicates well with you. In my personal experience, my first technician would file the top of my nail with a power tool even though I told her it was painful. I eventually had to find someone else before I stopped altogether.

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