Protect Your Red Hair: How to Maintain Vibrant Hair Colors

Having a difficult time maintaining your hair color – even with fresh colors and touch-ups on a regular basis? Vibrant hair colors, such as red hair, can fade fast no matter how often you color it It’s not just the shampoo that can strip your hair from its vibrancy, but it’s the water and various other factors too. Instead of finding time and money for more frequent trips to the salon, it’s more efficient to find ways to protect your hair from fading. The following methods are proven highly effective in maintaining vibrant hair colors.

Always apply hair color to clean hair
The ancient concept that hair dye takes better to dirty hair is outdated. Back when hair dye contained stronger chemicals, the natural oils from the hair would provide protection from the damaging side effects of the color. Modern hair dyes are more refined and much less damaging to the hair. Color penetrates clean hair better, resulting in a longer-lasting hair color.

Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair
Vibrant hair dyes, especially red hair color, contains small molecules. When irritated before they have a chance to properly set in the hair, color can be prematurely released. Avoid washing your hair or using any product, including shampoo, for at least 48 hours after getting your hair colored. Also avoid rinsing the hair with hot water or using any hair treatments during this period.

Protect your hair from environmental factors
Hair must be protected from the elements to keep it looking vibrant and fresh. The sun can be extremely damaging to the hair. Protect it when outdoors by staying in the shade or by wearing a hat. Colored hair should also be protected when tanning at the salon. Keep hair protected from bad weather, such as drying winter conditions, by maintaining a treatment routine that will keep hair hydrated.

Use hair color-friendly products in the shower
Vibrantly colored hair requires a color-safe shampoo to prevent fading from occurring too early. Wash hair with cold water instead of warm water, as cold water will help to seal the cuticle. Once or twice a week, use a depositing shampoo and conditioner to help maintain vibrancy. Ingredients from nature can also be used to enhance color, such as a 50/50 mixture of beet and carrot juice on damp hair. Allow the mixture to sit on the hair for an hour out in the sun.

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