Purpose: A Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash

Johnson and Johnson is mainly known for baby products, but they also have an Allure magazine winning facial wash for adults.

I have always seen the “Purpose” brand in local retailers in the facial care aisle, but failed to try this brand for years. I have recently had a problem with breakouts as an adult, and needed a gently facial cleanser. I decided to try the “Gentle Cleansing Wash” because it states on the packaging that it is “Gentle As Water”. I have used the Johnson and Johnson brand for years with my son without skin irritation and decided to give this inexpensive facial wash a try.

This product retails for around $5. I paired this low price with a coupon for an even better deal. The packaging is simple and nice. There is 6 fl oz of product contained in a clear stand up bottle with a pump. I love cleansers that have the pump feature. It makes it so easy to use and control the amount of product for a consistent cleaning, day after day.

I use about half a pump on most days for removing my makeup before another cleanser. I found that this product, while gentle, was not enough to cleanse my skin. This is a great product for removing eye makeup though, as it is gentle.

The one thing I must say is that I believe this product to be the same exact thing as Johnson and Johnson baby wash. I happened to have a generic brand of baby wash in my house at the time I purchased this. I smelled both of them, and then compared the ingredients. While there is a slight difference in ingredients towards the end of the list, most of them were spot on the same. The smell of this facial cleanser is exact to the baby wash smell. The consistency of the gel like liquid is also the same, as is the color.

While I think it is awful that a company can just repackage their product, label it something different, and then charge more for it, at least I now know that I can just buy baby wash to do the job as a makeup remover.

Now, while I cannot be certain enough to tell you it is the exact same formula, I would urge you to try this product and if it works, perhaps try the baby wash formula next. I doubt there will be that big of a difference and the amount of money saved will be a bigger incentive.

This product is gentle around the eyes and has not broken me out as far as I can tell, and is also good for washing makeup brushes.


My own bottle of Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash.

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