Queen of Campy Horror Scores Her Own Film

Wonderfully campy, this 1988 film staring Cassandra Peterson’s alter ego “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark”, who’s career was made making fun of such movies, this pseudo-horror film should be included in every October’s movie list.

This super sexy late night horror film host leaves her hosting job due to sexual harassment and hopes o create a horny man’s horror dream in Las Vegas with the inheritance from her great aunt’s estate. What she finds instead is a beehive of prejudice in a conservative Massachusetts’s town, which she must save from her evil great uncle. Incorporating the cheesiest of 80’s film, with the wonderfully worst of the horror films she is known to make fun of, Elvira creates a new standard in B-movies.

Because of sexual references, this movie is appropriate for mature audiences, however the history of horror is incomplete without a viewing of this wonderfully campy film. Halloween loses some of its appeal without Elvira.

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