Quick and Easy Lava Mountain and Similar Desserts

When you use ordinary things in unusual ways you can often create something you’ve never had before. Don’t you love the look – and the scrumptious taste – of a lava mountain dessert? A cake, shaped like a hill, with warm, hot fudge coming out of the top, and running down the sides? You don’t have to be a Martha Stewart type to create it, or spend hours in the kitchen, cooking and preparing it. It’s super-easy to make a lava mountain dessert, and others, that look spectacular but require little effort at all.

Whether you’re preparing a birthday treat for kids, or you’re having a classy meal with friends, a lava mountain dessert is a good choice. Even if you don’t want a chocolate dessert the same recipe can apply so that you can have caramel, blueberries, strawberry sauce, or another topping, running down the sides of your mountain.

When you use a sugar cone in a way you don’t normally serve it, you can treat your guests to delicious lava or other mountain desserts. Not serving ice cream? Create the dessert in a different manner; you have many choices.

If you’re serving ice cream, fill a sugar cone (the type with the pointed bottom), but fill it only to the rim of the cone. Then, turn the cone upside-down on the plate that it will be served on. The upside-down cone makes the dessert mountain, but if it’s a little too tall for your liking, just cut the tip off. To do that, lay the cone on its side before you’ve added the ice cream, and hit it quickly with a knife. If the hole you create is large, put the ice cream on the plate, then turn the cone over it. Instead of ice cream you can put a brownie, piece of cake, or other dessert under the cone.

Pour warmed hot fudge over the cone to serve it. Or, top with blueberry, strawberry, or other syrup. The tips of the cones can be crushed and sprinkled over the dessert or can be saved for another purpose.
When you turn an ice cream cone upside-down you can create any number of luscious desserts that aren’t expensive and are easy to make. The lava mountain – or other mountain dessert – is beyond decadent and just as suitable for a child’s birthday party as it is for an elegant dinner.

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